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2017 Ford Edge Review

2017 Ford Edge Review It is easy to see why the Edge is 1 of Ford’s most preferred versions: customers can tailor it to their wants. Sized in between the compact Escape along with the garage-hogging Explorer, the Edge is actually a spacious, well-appointed, family-friendly two-row crossover which has a distinctive exterior along with a aggressive record of optional extras. If fuel efficiency is your matter, the base engine is a turbocharged inline-four. People by using a want for pace, look no even more than the hot twin-turbo V-6 Sport model. In any of its trims, the Edge is usually a fine selection for each weekend warriors and families-or anyone who tows, road-trips, or plays in the wonderful outside.

2017 Ford Edge Review

2017 Ford Edge Review

The Titanium features a new 20-inch wheel style, and 4 creatively named new colors join the palette: Blue Jeans, White Gold, Canyon Ridge, as well as the clear-coat Burgundy Velvet, which charges $395.

Trims and Options We’d Pick out

As much as we adore the Edge Sport’s fiery twin-turbo V-6, it is possibly most effective to get a additional pragmatic approach to loved ones transport. Stepping up from your base SE to the midrange SEL expenditures $2840 and adds luxuries this kind of as dual-zone automated climate handle, power front seats, SiriusXM satellite radio, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, rear parking sensors, body-color exterior mirror caps, along with a keyless-entry touchpad. We’d pay an additional $625 to improve towards the midlevel 280-hp 3.5-liter V-6 and $2910 for alternative package 201A, which incorporates:

2017 Ford Edge Review
  • Ford’s upgraded Sync three infotainment program with an 8.0-inch touchscreen
  • An additional USB port
  • Premium nine-speaker stereo technique

Our front-wheel-drive Edge SEL rings up at $35,620. Want all-wheel drive? It really is offered for $1495, bringing the complete expense to $37,115.

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Review

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Review German automakers are masters of spinning a single nameplate into an in depth spread of variants, with none much better at executing so than Porsche. The Stuttgart-based brand slices its hallmark 911 into 22 slivers of body, powertrain, and drivetrain combinations. Now Porsche’s four-door automobile is finding in on that action which has a subtle stretch from the roofline that spawns a second entire body design referred to as the Panamera Sport Turismo.

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Review

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Review

We’d phone the Sport Turismo the hatchback edition, except that wouldn’t differentiate it through the unique Panamera body style. And Porsche might call it a wagon, but there’s no stodgier word in all of automotivedom. So Sport Turismo it is, an ambiguous nevertheless suitably racy phrase for this kind of a attractive shape. A near clone of the 2012 Paris auto-show notion vehicle, the Sport Turismo is reduced, sleek, and powerful, with thicker C-pillars and much more upright rear glass suggesting higher practicality. Each of the sheetmetal aft from the B-pillars is new, together with the roof, although an energetic rear spoiler can move between three positions, the highest of that's utilised to reduce noise once the optional panoramic glass sunroof is open.

Practical Considerations

With no transform in total length, even though, the Sport Turismo is only marginally more useful compared to the regular Panamera. At 49 cubic feet with all the rear seats folded, the Turbo Sport Turismo’s cargo hold is just 4 percent bigger than a normal Panamera’s. And it is 15 cubes smaller sized than the Mercedes-Benz E-class wagon’s. A bigger hatch makes the space easier to load thanks to a liftover height which is five.six inches reduced than inside the standard Panamera.

The greater advantage of picking out the Sport Turismo is improved rear-seat comfort. From the conventional hatchback, six-footers brush their coifs the place the headliner descends to transition to the hatch. The Sport Turismo’s longer roof pushes that transition back far ample to reduce any interference. Rear legroom stays a bit tight, especially when in contrast against a BMW 7-series or maybe a Mercedes-Benz S-class, as the Sport Turismo is not really made available within the long-wheelbase Executive variant that adds five.9 inches of length. The longroof Panamera does introduce a five-seat configuration as common, although the four-seat setup (the sole arrangement offered while in the frequent Panamera) is optional.

Organization during the Back, Party during the Front

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Review

When U.S. deliveries start off in November 2017, the Sport Turismo line will bypass the entry-level rear-wheel-drive edition supplied over the typical Panamera to get a lineup that solely routes torque to all 4 wheels. The selection begins using the $97,250 Panamera four, which delivers 330 horsepower from a single-turbo three.0-liter V-6. A further $13,000 buys the 440-hp twin-turbo two.9-liter V-6 of the 4S Sport Turismo. Our drive gave us seat time inside the Panamera four E-Hybrid (a plug-in car by using a 14.0-kWh lithium-ion battery) as well as $155,050 Turbo with its twin-turbo four.0-liter V-8 creating 550 horsepower.

The Panamera’s chassis dynamics are indifferent for the powertrain that is certainly put in, however. Both versions we drove (along with non-Sport Turismo variants we’ve previously driven) delivered flawlessly weighted steering, nicely controlled entire body roll, plus a company trip that is definitely hardly ever flinty, choppy, or abrupt. Our sole complaint worries the $105,050 E-Hybrid, in which it is a challenge to modulate the braking force, using a vague transition in between regenerative braking and also the traditional friction pads.

2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Review - Features

The E-Hybrid accelerates far more fluidly than it stops, with all the 136-hp motor as well as twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6 seamlessly stirring together a mixed output of 462 horsepower. Even though the E-Hybrid does not have an official EPA rating but, we anticipate each battery charge to be great for about 20 miles of electric array. In each E-Hybrid and Turbo type, a Porsche-exclusive eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission grabs gears assertively and engages smoothly from a halt.

It’s the nutty Turbo model that we’d acquire, though. It produces instant-on thrust with relentless top-end pull, and that’s before you engage the ruthless launch control. We count on the Turbo Sport Turismo to match the 3.0-second zero-to-60-mph blitz we lately measured on a standard-body Panamera Turbo. Individuals who demand far more will should watch for the impossibly named Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo. Though Porsche hasn’t officially confirmed this powertrain in the Sport Turismo body type, the brand is not probably to resist nevertheless yet another combination. When it does arrive, the Turbo S E-Hybrid will mix the four E-Hybrid’s electrified bits with all the Turbo’s heady V-8 for any combined output of 680 horses.

A sporty $100,000 wagon exists inside a niche of the niche of the niche. Plus the niche the Sport Turismo resides in is remarkably similar towards the area carved out by the conventional Panamera. That doesn’t appear to get significantly of a concern within Porsche, nonetheless. This brand loves to dream up each and every conceivable variation and depart the difficult choices on the consumers.

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2017 Nissan Titan Review

2017 Nissan Titan Review The Titan has the same workhorse DNA as its pickup-truck peers, which success in similar physical attributes: immense exterior dimensions, extraordinary capability, and extraordinary versatility. What separates the Nissan from its huge-selling domestic rivals-besides their decades of branding and devoted followings? Not around you'd probably feel. Pickup clients who likelihood a glance in the Titan will locate a civilized cabin, a customizable cargo box, and a devoted off-road trim. Over the surface, Nissan’s most current attempt to lure customers from domestic light-duty pickups seems very well conceived. As well poor the Titan suffers from an unoriginal design, a rougher trip than rivals, and obsolete infotainment. Nissan’s Titan is evidence that taking part in during the pickup-truck large league is easy; it is winning that’s tough.

2017 Nissan Titan Review 

2017 Nissan Titan Review

Following the first-generation Titan spent over a decade in relative obscurity, Nissan wholly redesigned its half-ton pickup for 2017. It arrives one particular yr after the corporation released the tweener Titan XD in an attempt to bridge the gap involving light- and heavy-duty pickups. The common Titan shares its Single Cab, King Cab (brief four-door), and Crew Cab configurations with all the Titan XD, at the same time as its exterior look. Despite the fact that the 2 Titans look practically identical, the light-duty model is built on the distinctive chassis which has a wheelbase that is about a foot shorter for crew-cab models. It's been rumored that a V-6 engine may be available in 2017 within the half-ton, but that remains for being observed.

Trims and Options We’d Pick out

The Titan ranks close to the bottom of our truck-of-choice record. For that optimum pickup-truck working experience, see the 10Best-winning Ford F-150 or both of GM’s perennial contenders, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and also the GMC Sierra 1500. Even now, the Titan isn’t with no merit. We feel the two-door normal cab offers an awesome worth to industrial customers who do not possess a Ford, Chevy, or Ram emblem tattooed on their hindquarters. Despite its limited passenger capability, the regular-cab Titan has an 8.2-foot bed, V-8 energy, and quite a few conventional capabilities we enjoy. These involve:

2017 Nissan Titan Review

  • A damped tailgate that opens and closes easily
  • Bluetooth audio and telephone streaming
  • Keyless entry with push-button commence
  • Energy windows and door locks

The base, regular-cab S model commences at $30,775; four-wheel drive adds $3030 to each and every Titan. We'd throw from the S Convenience & Utility package ($800), which adds an overhead storage console, a spray-in bedliner, plus a Class IV trailer hitch. That combination is good for $31,575 of commercial-grade usability and convenient comfort.

In Depth - 2017 Nissan Titan Review

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2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review, “Leave the driving to us,” the advertisements for Greyhound applied to say. While taking the bus is about as far as 1 can get from traveling through Mercedes-Benz S-class, that tagline also is proper for the most up-to-date version from the grandiose huge Benz. For 2018, the S-class sees a mid-cycle update that brings powertrain adjustments, interior and exterior design and style tweaks, and, most significantly, enhanced semi-autonomous driving functions.

Far more Cruising - 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review

While in the new 2018 S-class, the cruise manage automatically adjusts its velocity for curves, intersections, adjustments during the velocity limit, and toll plazas. (Its understanding of your terrain is based upon GPS data.) This goes a phase beyond the functionality previously supplied from the mid-size E-class. The net result is one can use cruise control-and its attendant steering-assist function-much much more usually on secondary roads rather than just on highways.

This could be the biggest advancement in cruise control considering that adaptive cruise allowed drivers to utilize the characteristic in heavy targeted traffic, presented that drivers get comfortable with it. It's a tiny harder to trust than very simple adaptive cruise manage. With the car in its default Comfort driving mode, the cruise manage will slow substantially for curves-more so than you might on your own-before rapidly accelerating back towards the set velocity. In Sport or Sport+, on the other hand, it does not slow as considerably and carries extra momentum by means of corners.

That aspect operates fine, but what’s relatively disconcerting is understanding to believe in the car or truck to slow on its own when approaching intersections, because the driver needs to be ready to brake for oncoming site visitors at a yield or to brake for any halt at a cease signal. If there’s no oncoming website traffic at a yield and no braking is needed, the driver can keep off the brakes and allow the car do it all; if a single does must brake at a yield or to get a stop, the driver afterward has to hit the resume button to reactivate cruise manage. (The resume as well as other cruise-control switches have moved on the left spoke of the steering wheel; M-B’s stalk-mounted controls are no additional.) Also to slowing for curves or intersections about the latest road, in case the driver signifies a turn onto a side street or into a parking lot, the car once more will automatically slow for it.

Yet another main enhancement above final year’s S-class is the semi-autonomous steering now can complete a lane change. The driver activates the flip signal, plus the steering assist will make the lane alter, presented the adjacent lane is clear. If not, the car or truck will cancel the turn signal and wait to switch lanes. When it is clear (inside of ten seconds or so), the process will instantly reactivate the turn signal and steer into the adjacent lane; the instrument cluster signifies what’s happening. Autonomous lane changing functions only on multilane roads; it'll not execute a pass on the two-lane street.

Engines of Adjust - 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review

Other adjustments on the S-class are extra notable whenever a human is in handle, together with the biggest identified underneath the hood. A fresh base-model S450 employs a V-6 engine producing 362 horsepower from three.0 liters plus a pair of turbochargers. The mainstay S550 gets the S560-resurrecting a longtime S-class model number-as its twin-turbo V-8 increases in output even since it decreases in displacement. Its prior 449-hp four.7-liter V-8 is supplanted by a 4.0-liter good for 463 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.

The AMG versions retain their S63 and S65 model names. The eight-cylinder S63 downsizes its V-8 from five.5 liters for the new 4.0-liter shared using the S560. AMG, however, manages to extract 603 horsepower and 664 lb-ft from those 4 liters, a acquire of 26 horsepower above the previous five.5-liter engine (torque is unchanged). The S65 retains its V-12, which evidently has plateaued at 621 horsepower and 738 lb-ft. That V-12 also appears in the S650 Maybach. Not nonetheless for our marketplace is really a new inline-six engine with an electric supercharger along with a standard turbo, an integrated 48-volt starter/alternator, and direct-drive add-ons. (There also are going to be a diesel inline-six that we’ll almost certainly under no circumstances see in America.)

We drove the S560 and also the S63, which arrive on our shores this fall. Regardless of not acquiring a fresh model designation, the S63 has far more mechanical modifications. On top of that for the new engine, it trades its seven-speed automated transmission to get a nine-speed unit. Its regular all-wheel-drive program, 4MATIC+, offers a variable front-to-rear split. (The S560 retains the fixed, rear-biased 4MATIC program, but it is optional.)

Trundling by town, the S63’s new transmission never ever betrays its lack of a torque converter. The nine-speed, that's coupled to your engine using a clutch pack, is smooth and very well mannered. Pull out to pass within the S63, and it is like receiving punted from behind. The gearbox instantaneously drops some gears, as well as the engine’s forceful wave of torque rockets you ahead. In Sport and Sport+ modes, the driver does not really have to dig as deeply into the accelerator travel to obtain a downshift or two, which looks about ideal. So, also, is the measured, progressive throttle response, hardly ever thoughts that this can be a fairly compact engine generating big electrical power because of two turbos.

The S560 employs a nine-speed automatic, too, but this one particular includes a conventional torque converter. Its downshifts in response to a mashed accelerator are just fractionally significantly less instant than the S63’s, along with the resulting rush of acceleration is considerably less frenetic. Mercedes puts the S560’s zero-to-60-mph time at 4.five seconds as well as S63’s at three.four. When it comes time for you to scrub off pace, the major brakes are quick to modulate. Need to you fail to utilize them, the automated emergency braking method now can steer clear of a collision-with a different car or a pedestrian-at increased speeds, and if your driver attempts to swerve about an obstacle, the steering can help an evasive maneuver.

Aside from the option of the “curve-tilting function” around the S560 (the Magic Physique Manage active suspension adjusts to lean into corners; it is obtainable with rear-drive only), there’s not significantly new within the way the huge Benz rides and handles. The two variants have nicely sorted driving modes, devoid of jarring ways from 1 towards the other (Comfort, Sport, Sport+, and Personal from the S63; the S560 trades Sport+ for Eco mode). The creamy nevertheless exact steering is not overboosted even at reduced speeds in Comfort, and it seamlessly builds hard work if you toggle to a sportier setting. Similarly, the chassis that is definitely compliant in Comfort companies up somewhat in Sport but does not get flinty even while in the S63’s Sport+. This can be a huge, hefty car, on the other hand, and in many cases from the AMG in its firmest setting, 1 is keenly conscious of that mass when diving into tight corners. The S-class is supremely capable-particularly the S63-but you wouldn’t get in touch with it playful.

Display Gems - 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class Review

If it’s amusement you are looking for, you may come across it inside the wonderland that is the Benz’s widescreen digital dashboard display. The preceding pair of 12.3-inch TFT screens are now housed collectively to appear being a single unit. The center screen’s functions are navigated via the acquainted COMAND console-mounted wheel and touchpad or through a tiny touch-sensitive nub within the appropriate spoke in the steering wheel. You swipe across it or up or down together with your thumb, then press it to select-which sounds fussy but essentially is quite quick to implement. A equivalent nub to the left side controls what on earth is displayed during the virtual gauge cluster, which could be create in three various formats: Sporty, Traditional, and Progressive.

Some new discoveries: The S63 includes a Track Pace menu within the center display that may record lap occasions; a Drag Race webpage can measure acceleration, quarter-mile instances, and braking distances. For just such occasions, Mercedes has manufactured the S63’s Race Get started function a lot easier to access: Mash the brake pedal with your left foot whilst flooring the accelerator with your right; use the shift paddles to increase or lower the engine revs prior to releasing the brake.

An Energizing Comfort menu purports to create an interior ambiance by way of audio, lighting, seat massaging, and fragrance. The options are Refresh, Vitality, Joy, Properly Becoming, and Coaching. Our drive spouse on the media event vetoed Joy, so we tried Well Currently being. But that fired up the seat heaters-not excellent on a summertime day-and the fragrance was overpowering. We switched to Vitality but hated the music (the system also can pull from your personal music assortment, offered the beats per minute are suitable). We completed the remainder of our drive with no the advantage of Energizing Comfort.

Cast a glance far from the screens plus the cabin is largely the identical, wealthy atmosphere we know now, with the principal changes staying a switch to a three-spoke steering wheel (in the S63 it gets a squared-off rim wrapped in leather and microsuede) and a new typical inductive charging pad about the center console (and an optional 2nd one from the rear). Each the S560 and S63 we drove have been dressed up with nappa leather interiors from Benz’s Unique collection, featuring a two-tone shade scheme, perforated leather in the diamond pattern, and carbon-fiber trim with brushed-metal accents.

No Greyhound ever looked like this inside. Nor was it as comfortable-even without the need of a snoring vagrant from the following seat. However the 2018 S-class does get another phase down the path of turning drivers into passengers. It’s just undertaking so with the far opposite finish on the socioeconomic scale.

2017 Audi Q7 Review

2017 Audi Q7 Review, Audi’s second-generation Q7 debuted as an early 2017 model and quickly took leading honors in its 1st comparison test, the place we lauded its carlike managing, zesty supercharged V-6, and total fun-to-drive character. We gave it a 10Best Trucks and SUVs award for 2017, recognizing it as the finest mid-size luxury SUV. A three.0T Prestige model now resides in our long-term garage. In quick, it’s rather very good and we like it lots. Whilst the Q7 is not cheap-base four-cylinder designs start out at $49,950, and greater trims can effortlessly exceed $70K-the major Audi proffers an exemplary blend of seven-passenger versatility, luxury refinement, innovative technology, and spirited driving dynamics.

What’s New for 2017 - 2017 Audi Q7 Review

2017 Audi Q7 Review

The Q7 comes standard with three-row seating and Quattro all-wheel drive. Available powerplants involve a turbocharged two.0-liter four-cylinder and also a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6, both of that are backed by an eight-speed automatic transmission. Each setups are available in Audi’s Premium and Premium Plus trim levels, but only the three.0T, which commences at $56,450, is often had using the range-topping Prestige gear.

Trims and Selections We’d Opt for - 2017 Audi Q7 Review

It’s challenging to not be swayed through the performance and amenities included in our loaded three.0T long-termer. That suggests the 333-hp supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 plus the $9500 Prestige bundle, which adds 20-inch wheels, Audi’s MMI infotainment procedure with navigation along with a Bose audio program, a head-up display, complete LED lighting, heated and ventilated front seats, loads of energetic security tech, and even more. We’d also throw within the $4000 Adaptive Chassis bundle (four-wheel steering and adaptive air suspension) and the $500 Cold Climate bundle (heated steering wheel and rear seats). Added kit, such as the $2400 Driver Help package (adaptive cruise control, automobile high-beams, and lane-departure warning and assist) and a $550 Towing package deal, would push our ultimate tally into the $70,000 community, but that is an awfully posh ZIP code. Other functions to enjoy from the Audi we constructed involve:

2017 Audi Q7 Review
  • Audi’s twelve.3-inch Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display
  • Four-zone automated climate control
  • Power-folding third-row seats
  • 4G LTE connectivity with Wi-Fi and Google Maps

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2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review,  While in the game of automotive masquerade that is the butch-wagon section, dark-gray textured plastic would be the equivalent of the kid’s cowboy hat. It’s the matte-plastic wheel-arch trim (and from time to time bumper-cover decoration) that says to customers: “I’ve now grow to be a thing else. Let’s play.”

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review

And, however they will have to surely see the plain previous station wagon underneath, buyers would like to oblige. The dress-up wagons sell so much far better than their donor versions that Subaru and Audi really do not even bother providing the non-butch versions any longer. But if dark-gray plastic would be the crucial to accomplishment in this game, take into consideration the following weird fact: In case you pay out enough to your V90 Cross Nation, Volvo paints these bits the shade with the entire body, creating the Cross Nation search virtually identical for the stand­ard V90 wagon that the company also sells but on unique purchase only. We don’t claim to understand this.

But boy, would a purchaser pay out adequate if he chose a Cross Nation equipped like our test car. For 2017, the only out there drivetrain configuration would be the T6 model, which includes a supercharged and turbocharged 316-hp two.0-liter inline-four, an eight-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive. It carries a $56,295 base price, but our test car expense $69,440 when it had been loaded up with soft-leather interior trimmings, massaging front seats, heated rear outboard seats, four-zone climate control, a Bowers & Wilkins audio system, head-up display, air-spring rear suspension, metallic paint, and other niceties. (For ’18, Volvo will also offer a less expensive 250-hp T5 model.)

This drops the Cross Country while in the pricing chasm between the A4-based Audi Allroad and the Mercedes-Benz E400 wagon. The Volvo will be the size of your Mercedes with an engine the size on the Audi’s.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review - Interior:

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country T6 AWD Review

Even so, that four-cylinder generates impressive output (with 295 pound-feet of torque to go with its load of horsepower). And the 4266-pound Cross Country’s 5.9-second run to 60 mph is plenty quick, if not quite on the pace of your Germans. The problem is definitely the way in which that power is delivered. It surges and ebbs. If you’re riding the torque wave, this wagon feels genuinely quick. Fall off it, though-as you frequently will-and the automobile feels breathless and wimpy. Climbing back up takes a moment, and the engine moans at the effort. The Cross Country turns in a middling braking performance, requiring 173 feet to stop from 70 mph. And the brakes are grabby and difficult to apply consistently. Its steering is indifferent.

We’re glad to note that, despite wearing optional 20-inch wheels (in place of stand­ard 19s), the Cross Country rides more comfortably than the somewhat flinty sedan on which it is based. Put the mode selector into dynamic should you want a less comfortable ride. The Cross Country’s structure feels stouter than the sedan’s. We chalk that up on the cushier ride. This is good, because we really want the V90 to be great. It looks stunning (especially in non-Cross Nation dress), and the interior is beautifully designed and finished. It is roomy and practical. And dammit, we like wagons, even when they’re festooned.

But for $70,000, we want more than a cowboy hat. In reality, we don’t want a cowboy hat at all, but you know what we mean.

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review Sticking close to your neighborhood Dodge dealer for yet yet another 12 months is the Grand Caravan, now ten years old and also a low-cost alternative towards the all-new Chrysler Pacifica-and other minivans from Toyota, Honda, and Kia. The aged, blocky van’s former class-leading virtues are now within the distant previous. Even its cargo space-a minivan staple-has been outdone by a lot more modern rivals. 

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

2017 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

Aside from unbeatable pricing, it even now has redeeming characteristics, this kind of as brawny towing capability and fold-into-the-floor second- and third-row seating. Within the other hand, connected families will want far more in-car technological innovation, and those targeted on security will rapidly reduce curiosity while in the Grand Caravan’s weak providing of energetic security options. As the saying goes, you receive everything you pay out for.

What’s New for 2017?

Handful of factors modify for the Grand Caravan for 2017. The biggest revision is really a scaling back from 6 trim amounts to four: SE, SE Plus, SXT, and GT. All trim amounts now feature a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment technique in addition to a backup camera, while SE Plus versions get Dodge’s well known Blacktop visual appeal package (17-inch aluminum wheels, black exterior detailing, and an all-black interior) as conventional fare.

Trims and Choices We’d Select

When other minivans emphasis on luxury-Chrysler’s Pacifica can crest the $49,000 mark when completely equipped-the Grand Caravan sells on worth. A absolutely spec’d GT model will struggle to hit $40,000 with each and every conceivable accessory incorporated. It’s the worth van, and as such we’d consider it a step additional and decide on the midrange SE Plus trim. It adds plenty of features over the base SE, amid them:

Second-row captain’s chairs
Bluetooth cellphone and streaming audio
Aluminum wheels

Our chosen Grand Caravan starts at $29,790, conserving us $20,000 over a loaded Pacifica. That additional funds may well be far better allotted to college savings ideas for the occupants in the second and third rows.

In Depth: 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan