2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Release, In just about each and every considered one of our critiques of Buick’s tiny Encore since the subcompact crossover went on sale in 2013, we’ve identified as out its remarkable resemblance to a shiny potato. There, we did it again, but now that the Encore has been refreshed for 2017, dare we rename it a sweet potato? That’s as the cumulative effects on the changes increase the appeal that has presently manufactured the Encore Buick’s best-selling model.

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review

If you are acquiring difficulties grasping how Buick offered far more than 67,000 Encores final year-more than its 3 fast subcompact luxury-crossover competitors combined, the greater BMW X1, Audi Q3, and Mercedes-Benz GLA-class-it’s not that tricky. The Buick has an attractive, $23,915 base rate; it is undeniably cute; the seating place is higher; and also the see out of the windshield panoramic. Although the Encore’s dimension and rate probably disqualify it being a genuine competitor to a Mercedes or BMW, the interior-particularly in its refreshed state-is of substantial high-quality, as well as all round execution is a step over run-of-the-mill subcompact crossovers.

Buick has added some creases and edges to the Encore’s rotund physique for 2017, squaring up the front end with blockier headlights and its new corporate waterfall grille. Subtle updates on the rear sum to small extra than revised taillights. That is all common refresh things, though. What truly does the heavy lifting in elevating the Encore’s luxury pretensions is definitely an all-new dashboard with soft-touch resources and also a far more sweeping design and style. It appears vastly far better compared to the outdated, upright dash. The earlier clutter of buttons plus the fiddly, knob-operated central display is gone, as well, replaced by a high-resolution 8.0-inch touchscreen. Embedding this infotainment display from the dash itself rather of inside a pod on leading also clears the way for an even more expansive view through the windshield.

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review - Features:

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review

Probably the most notable modify for 2017 is definitely the expanded availability of your higher-output, 153-hp one.4-liter turbo four-cylinder engine launched last yr to your mid-level Sport Touring trim. The more impressive engine boasts direct fuel injection and it is now an $895 alternative over the Sport Touring, along with the Favored II, Essence, and Premium trims. A 138-hp turbo four (also displacing one.four liters but of an older, port-injected style) remains normal across the board. Shooting previous the $23,915 Encore 1SV and also the Encore Preferred to the Sport Touring trim with the optional powerplant expenses $27,395, or $1275 significantly less than last year’s Encore Sport Touring.

The Preferred II example tested right here commences at $27,760. The far more effective engine and a single other possibility, $395 Quicksilver Metallic paint, brought its MSRP to $29,080. We’ve been skeptical of Buick’s ambitious pricing for your Encore because it to start with went on sale in 2013, and almost $30,000 for any crossover this modest lacking a prestigious badge within the hood is almost nothing if not ambitious. Nutritious income paint a unique reality, and in this alternate buy, supplied you are already taking a look at a higher-spec Encore to start with, the improve engine would seem worth each little bit of its $895 value.

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review - Interior:

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review

Advancing the 153-hp engine’s situation is simple for those who do not dawdle while in the left lane, as this Encore is definitely the quickest we’ve ever tested. It reached 60 mph in seven.eight seconds, in contrast with 9.2 seconds for your all-wheel-drive ’16 Sport Touring and 9.3 seconds for a front-drive 2013 Encore with all the (now) base engine. Acceleration throughout the board, from the quarter-mile to 30-to-50-mph and 50-to-70-mph passing occasions, was notably zippier. Using the burlier engine, the Encore feels peppy and not just about as underpowered since it does with the base one.4-liter 4. Aspect on the deal, as well, is a fuel-saving stop/start feature that can’t be turned off. It is a good factor the engine smoothly and quietly restarts just after going dark at stoplights and when stopped in heavy traffic.

For individuals who don’t have to have all-wheel drive, the Encore helps make a strong case for sticking with the regular front-drive configuration. Our 2017 test motor vehicle weighed 130 lbs less than that all-wheel-drive 2016 Encore Sport Touring and posted more powerful check effects for skidpad grip (0.81 g versus 0.78 g) and braking (172 feet from 70 mph in contrast with 177). The EPA estimates that-regardless of drive configuration-the new engine will return two mpg better fuel economic system inside the city than its lower-output different (and an additional one mpg around the highway with all-wheel drive); we recorded 19 mpg due to a hefty routine of lead-footed driving. The AWD 2016 Sport Touring posted a far thriftier 25 mpg, and pre-refresh front- and all-wheel-drive Encores with precisely what is now the base engine each and every posted 24 mpg in our hands. As often, your mileage will fluctuate, but clearly the Encore with both engine is capable of effective motoring.

2017 Buick Encore 1.4L Turbo FWD Review, The brand new engine’s only sin is that Buick didn’t basically make it common throughout the Encore lineup. Given the hotter four-cylinder is shared using the less-expensive, latest-generation Chevrolet Cruze, how tricky could that determination genuinely have been? There otherwise remains tiny to fault during the Encore. The rear seat ably holds two adults within the outboard positions-there is usually a third seatbelt, but you might fit only a compact bag of potatoes there-and the reduce cushion includes a nice chairlike height, plus there is certainly a lot of headroom and legroom. A surprising 19 cubic feet of stuff can match in the cargo area. And although the suspension keeps physique roll as well as the stubby body’s fore/aft rocking over pace bumps effectively enough in examine, the dynamic trait of higher consequence to purchasers in this space is quietness, a little something the Encore has in spades.

So long as prospects retain hankering for Lilliputian luxury potatoes (we essential to sneak in one more spud plug), the Encore’s up to date seems to be, interior, and offered energy should maintain Buick’s dealers hectic for any handful of years to come.

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